• Niepubliczne przedszkole Szczecin

    Recruitment open, welcome!

    Give your child desired comfort.

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  • Niepubliczne przedszkole Szczecin

    We provide an individual approach to the child.

    We care about children and every child is treated individually.

  • Zajęcia plastyczne Tęczowa Kraina

    We care about the versatile
    development of children

    Art classes for our kids

  • zajęcia w basenie dla dzieci w Tęczowej Krainie

    Additional activities

    In "Tęczowa Kraina" we care about
    the comprehensive development of pupils

    developing skills is one of our strengths 
  • Niepubliczne przedszkole Szczecin

    Joyful childhood with high education level

    Kindergarten "Tęczowa Kraina" gives the child a comprehensive preparation before school.

  • Niepubliczne przedszkole Szczecin

    We meet the high requirements.

    We put the highest importance to education level, through fun and play methods we achieve the targets.

We invite kids aged six-months-old and older to our Crèche.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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An offer for five-year-old kids – The school year 2017/2018

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Note! At the moment the youngest kids are being recruited to our Crèche. You may claim reimbursement up to 195 Polish zlotys monthly within the Programme ‘Maluch 2016’.

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Recruitment to the Crèche!
• The youngest Crèche group (children aged from six to twelve months old)
• The middle Crèche group (children aged from 12 to 24 months old
• The oldest Crèche group (children aged from 24 to 36 months old)

We are waiting for your kids., Read more

Dear Mothers and Fathers,

The parental choice as to which crèche or nursery school you should send your children to is one of the most important decisions in your family life. It is the first breakthrough in your kid’s life. The Crèche and Nursery School ‘Rainbow Land’ has been created in order to guarantee the proper development and wellbeing of your child. Your child will be well looked after and gently introduced to the world around. The undivided focus is on our children as it is the crucial time for their emotional and cognitive development. The activities are organised in such a way so that the children will develop and learn while playing. The children’s need for movement is satisfied by a spacious fenced playground; corrective activities for any possible postural defects are also provided. The Crèche and Nursery School ‘Rainbow Land’ teaches the children how to play, and stimulates them to be active, responsible and self-reliant. The children socialise and make their first friends; they get familiar with the world around them and learn how to get by in it. Individual needs of the children are taken into consideration; they receive individual treatment provided by several specialists (psychologists, speech therapists, etc.) The Crèche and Nursery School ‘Rainbow Land’ has been functioning since 2009. We are a trustworthy and reliable partner, and the children who have spent some time with us are our best recommendation.

About us
Knowledge, experience, fun and passion – that’s what we keep us together. We are a professional and highly qualified team. And really lucky – we do what we can and what we love.
The main objective of our Nursery School is to create the right environment for our children to develop their potential to the fullest. All our educational activities are focused on the stimulation of the natural skills and abilities of our children. always treated individually.
Our tasks
Our main task is to teach our children how to be self-reliant, how to face problems, how to think creatively and how to perceive the world around creatively. We are here to unlock the children’s potential.
We invite everybody to cooperate with us. Let’s do whatever is possible for the benefit of our kids.
English-language groups
There are groups in which communication is only in English.