Rays - children from 14 to 36 months

The program for 2,5-3 year old pupils is a development program for younger children.
The program of teaching and educational is focused on the child’s needs and all-round development, to ensure child safety and care

We create the appropriate conditions for upbringing and education to every child can develop their skills.

We teach the youngest children independence, discover the world, establishing social relationships with peers, means of communication in a group, develop speech.

Daily children’s activities include:

  • Fun arts and technology: paint, draw, create.
  • We use, in addition to the basic plastic materials, unconventional means of artistic expression.
  • During the game we create small works of art.
  • The classes aim to develop small motor and motor-visual mobility.
  • A positive influence on the development of creative thinking, stimulate the imagination and improve concentration and attention.

Fun Sensory: mix, pour, crushes, smell, taste.

  • During the game we know different consistencies, textures and shapes.
  • Classes affect the proper acquisition of skills associated with the receipt, classification and linking sensory experiences.
  • Fun music and movement: calisthenics, gymnastics, dancing, singing.
  • Playing memorize lyrics and poems.
  • Classes develop creativity, hearing music, coordination and verbal-motor.
  • They have to develop your kids.
  • They accelerate the acquisition of skills liquid speak.
  • Fun improve speech gymnastics mouth and tongue.
  • Classes helps improve speech apparatus, help to overcome development difficulties related to the acquisition of skills of correct speech children.

Fun educational and education: we learn to polite behavior and phrases.

  • We say goodbye to diapers, learn self-reliance and personal hygiene, implement the principle of mini savoir vivre.
  • This class aimed at teaching mainly self service activities, encouraging independence and implementation of the social functioning.

The educational program is implemented on the basis of the following methods:

  • fundamental fun
  • elements of Educational Kinesiology
  • method Developmental Movement Sherborne
  • fun way of Klanzy
  • fun sticks
  • elements of Stories therapy
  • elements of global reading method
  • elements of the Good Start method
  • At this stage, we introduce the program in English.
  • Our daily activities continues to build, respectively, for the child’s age, social development.

Corrective & gymnastics classes
The main aim of gymnastics is to correct the causes of postural defects in children and the creation of the habit of maintaining correct posture and skillful use of it in everyday life.

The dominant form of exercise are games, fun imitative elements correction, movement and stories Task form of exercise.

Throughout the duration of the course is carried topics:

  • Learning the basic starting position for the exercise.
  • Exercises to increase mobility in the joints of the shoulder girdle and hip.
  • Strengthening the deep muscle corset.
  • Stretching mm sciatic – shin.
  • Exercises to strengthen the muscles arching feet.
  • Balance exercises and anti-gravity science proper gait.
  • Exercise large muscle groups and elongujące spine.
  • Learning proper diaphragmatic breathing and abdominal.
  • In addition, the aim of the course is to improve the overall physical fitness as well as the development of the habit of taking care of health.

To a variety of exercises used m.in .: bags, scarves, strips thera-band and football.

Rhythmic classes

  • These are music classes conducted to the accompaniment of the instrument.
  • During the workshop, children learn songs, poems, perform rhythmic exercise, play the music and learn the rules of use of percussion instruments.