Sunshine group

Besides care and primary care, our teachers stimulate mental and physical development of children. Our program provides excellent conditions in which your child will learn, among others, grab toys, articulate sounds, recognize friends pictures of objects.
Teachers work with children to constantly stimulate their development, while giving them time on routine tasks such as feeding or playing.

They support the development of kids without disturbing their daily rhythm of the day.

The development of infants in the youngest group is stimulated primarily based on the overall framework plan in which are included:

Motoric development, handling,
development of senses such as sight, hearing, touch, smell balance,
the development of social, cognitive and speech development.
The work plan is included in the system the whole year, because the work of the toddler is primarily follow its activity and the development of individual functions based on the child’s interests.

Working in the youngest group is an individual tutor contact with a child or two – three children, where the adult in a very sensitive and appropriate to the needs of the child, responds to the signals. During this activity is used to aid adapted to the age and capabilities of the child. There are a variety of toys handling:

elements for stacking, objects of various shapes and texture (important for tactile)
means for applying, pushing, single large images with little detail, objects issuing sounds (essential for the auditory sensations)
items to the crossing (important in learning to walk) two or three partial steps, small slides

The child learns to communicate with sounds and facial expressions.

Teachers will support the development of language through continuous communication with kids and its shaping.

The child begins to understand certain phenomena, discovering the cause – effect relationships.
For example, dropping a spoon on the floor or waving a rattle sound trigger.

“World and I”
Your child begins to be aware of their own “I”.

Teachers provide a stimulating environment for the development of this process.

Physical fitness
Educators that will plan physical activities to help them develop small motor skills and agility of the child.

The child will learn to create and respond to sounds, and during the day he will be accompanied by pleasant music.

The child will stay in the colorful, full of different shapes and materials environment.

When the time comes, will help teachers to get to know the properties of the paint and also teach the child to use the large crayons.

Fundamental fun
Fun is a fundamental program to aid the development of small children.
Fun is the fundamental way to stimulate multi-development, help develop intelligence and innate talents of the child.

The basis of these playgrounds is the theory: “Tell me and I forget, show and remember. Let me take part – then I understand.”
The basic premise area is a combination of fun-for stimulation, which allows for the acquisition of versatile talents and discover the full potential of the child.
For this purpose, a series of simple, varied and well-planned area that stimulate your child intellectually engaging all the senses.

Fun in the program not only provide the child the joy, but also contribute to the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the child.

Participation in them not only gives children a pleasant experience, allowing them to also feel the taste of success, learning how to explore the world and coping with everyday challenges.

The name “Fun fundamentals” are the basic principles of the program – to provide fun and learning the fundamental skills and values.

Rhymes and Massages
Baby Massage is a form of exercise relational massage technique a gentle child, where the most important is to contact an adult with a child.
Massage also teach a child: orientation in his own body, help to know the direction (up-down, left-right) and allow him to experience different kinds of tactile stimuli.

Children by nature are very busy and irritable, have difficulty paying attention and relax – which is natural because of not fully mature nervous system.

Massages help the child focus on yourself, your body, so it calms, relaxes.