Education takes place on the basis of monthly plans for teaching and a set of appropriately matched to the age of the children’s playground and teaching developing all cognitive functions and the independence of the child.
The most important in our program of teaching and educational There are two issues:
Build a good relationship between the child and the staff, because trusting relationship in relations with the family (at home – parents in the nursery – staff) is the basis for the development of the full potential of the little man.

Only such psychological conditions provide the child a sense of security, give courage to become themselves, to build their own identity, capabilities and sensitivity.
Teaching our children self-reliance, responsibility, and love to the world.

Helping in the development of individual personality traits, shaping the character, the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities.
The two main issues we realize by the relevant organization taking into account the daily rhythm of sleep and wakefulness now sharing activities:

  • • stimulating the development of the sphere of psycho-motor,
  • • stimulating the development of the emotional sphere.

With the rise of the little ones, we continue to stimulate their senses and encourage you to explore their own, the children of the world. the child begins to push and attract some of the objects, rotate them in his hands, organize things by color and size to get to know the terms “large” and “small”, to collect basic vocabulary.
At this stage, the child begins to explore some of the more complex rules prevailing in the group.

Starts to receive commands from adults other than their parents, to understand how to function in a group with other children and how to share.
Our staff is well aware of the challenges faced by children.

We have experience in helping them adapt to the rules prevailing in the group.

Through books, songs, and daily operations, the teachers will help your child become familiar with the language and learn new vocabulary.

Teachers provide simple exercises involving the hands, which will allow your child to discover the simple numerical assumptions such as one / many, small / large, and explore the simple shapes and colors.

“World and I”
Your child begins to socialize and be aware of the feelings of others. Teachers will help him participate in all group activities.

Physical fitness
The child begins to participate in many physical activities affecting the control of the muscles.

Singing songs, playing simple instruments and move to the music – that’s classes, which will have to deal with your child every day.

Exercises using paint or smearing the sheet will help develop small motor skills and understand the cause and effect in action.

Fundamental fun
Fun is a fundamental program to aid the development of small children.
Fun is the fundamental way to stimulate multi-development, help develop intelligence and innate talents of the child.

The basis of these playgrounds is the theory: “Tell me and I forget, show and remember. Let me take part – then I understand.”
The basic premise area is a combination of fun-for stimulation, which allows for the acquisition of versatile talents and discover the full potential of the child.

For this purpose, a series of simple, varied and well-planned area that stimulate your child intellectually engaging all the senses.

Fun in the program not only provide the child the joy, but also contribute to the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the child.

Participation in them not only gives children a pleasant experience, allowing them to also feel the taste of success, learning how to explore the world and coping with everyday challenges.

The name “Fun fundamentals” are the basic principles of the program – to provide fun and learning the fundamental skills and values.

Rhytmic and massages
Baby Massage is a form of exercise relational massage technique a gentle child, where the most important is to contact an adult with a child.
Masażyki also teach a child: orientation in his own body, help to know the direction (up-down, left-right) and allow him to experience different kinds of tactile stimuli.

Children by nature are very busy and irritable, have difficulty paying attention and relax – which is natural because of not fully mature nervous system.

Massages help your child to focus on yourself, your body, so it calms, relaxes.

Fairy-tale therapy
Every day, children read the story, which tells about the problems of other small children, pets and toys.

On this basis, children can learn the rules of proper behavior.

For children in our nursery tales adapt content to their abilities and needs.
Fairy tales can be of therapeutic relaxation, psychotherapeutic or psychoeducational.

Accordingly told stories can help your child in many difficult situations for him emotional.

Global reading
In our nursery we play based on the method of reading the global Glenn Doman.
It is a method of reading the global Glenn Doman.

Very young children can and do learn to read words and sentences in exactly the same way you learn to understand spoken words, sentences and statements.

The eye sees, but does not understand what he sees, the ear hears, but does not understand what he hears.

Only understands the brain. The brain is a magical instrument.

Both roads, visual and auditory run in the brain, where both information are interpreted by the same cerebral process.

A child under five are taught the whole language and can learn many languages, how many will teach them.

You can learn to read in one or more languages of the ease with which understands speech.

The materials used to teach reading are extremely simple.