Our team

The teaching staff of the Non-Public Creche and Nursery School “Rainbow Land is composed of educated and creative teachers who care about the warm and friendly atmosphere.

The staff of teachers, all of them graduated from university with a MA degree in Pedagogy, look after the children in a warm and friendly atmosphere, have experience working with childre., in addition they participate in numerous courses to improve their skills. In their work they use innovative teaching methods, developing the children`s interests, abilities, at the same time checking their progress.
They are determined by openness, empathy, ability to organize and creativity in action.

They are inclined to satisfy individual needs and stimulate the development of intellectual abilities of each child.

However, what is the most important thing, they love working with kids, they have a predisposition to the profession.

The proper functioning of Reinbow Land is leaded by the ladies:
Director of the institution – Beata Giebas, MA
Deputy Director – Iwona Pietruska

A warm, friendly atmosphere and a comprehensive development of your children provided by the teachers:
The youngest Creche group – “Sunshine”
Guardian Anita Kołodziejczyk
Midwife/Guardian Aleksandra Kuczyńska

The youngest Creche group – “Elves”
Guardian Gabriela Lewińska
Guardian Joanna Werner

The middle Creche group – “Dwarfs”
Teacher Katarzyna Franecka-Nowak
Teacher – Ewa Pieciul

In the group przedszkolnej- “Rays”

teacher – Natalia Łakomska
help of teacher – Małgorzata Iwulska

In first Kindergarden group “Starlets”
teacher – MA Natalia Kazubek
helping teacher MA Karolina Kustosz

In the second group of preschool – “Sparks”
teacher – MA Anna Sulikowska
teacher – MA Marta Zaborowska

In preschool group III – “Ladybugs”
teacher – MA Marlena Moś

Fun in English – Beata Pukajło
Rhythmic classes – MA Marcin Kurylak
Corrective gymnastics classes – Monika Piechowiak

Sensory integration classes – MA Anna Rosa-Haruń and Mrs. Maria Kopańska
Speech therapy – MA Karolina Zięba
Classes Neurologopedic – MA Agnieszka Knop
Revalidation classes – MA Ada Czajkowska
Therapeutic classes and psychological counseling – MA Monika Norko

Kindergarten and football classes – MA Mateusz Jakubiak
Dance Classes – Dance and Studio – Art RYTMIX
Artistic workshops – Anna Sulikowska
Computer classes – Mrs. Marta Zaborowska
Movement developmental Classes trough the method of Veronica Sherborne – Monika Norko and Ada Czajkowska