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Adapting to kindergarten

The adaptation process is the process of adapting to a new social environment. This new environment is for children 2.5 – 3 year old kindergarten. Every important change in a person’s life is on the one hand a chance for the development of new and interesting experiences, and on the other hand, these experiences may initially be difficult and painful. Such an important moment is exceeding kindergarten for the first time. This is a difficult moment also for parents and teachers.

Children of the same age can vary in terms of level of development of mental, motor and emotional and social development. There are children who adapt to kindergarten easily and quickly, and there are children who are in this area very difficult.
The adaptation process takes place for each child differently.

This is due to the fact that often radically change the requirements for the child. Suddenly she expected him to adapt to the rules, which previously had no contact, to learn the functioning of the peer group and to cope with new responsibilities. It often happens that the family home is not child placed no restrictions, and the attention of all members of the household is focused on him and fulfilling his needs. This attitude of the family certainly does not help your child cope with the rules prevailing in the nursery.
Puts their children needs. Delineation provides the child with a sense of security.

How can we help a child go through the process of adaptation?

For this event should be themselves prepared above all parents:

  • Explanation of the new situation.
  • A visit with the child in kindergarten.
  • Going to kindergarten as an important event in the life of the family.

A good and often practiced idea is to visit the kindergarten with your child even before attending to him. This allows you to build up appropriate wyborażenie a new place and a little tame him. You should also tell your child at home about what happens in kindergarten, to clear up any doubts. It is important to build a positive image of the kindergarten. We can help the therapeutic stories (many items available on the market), where the main character goes for the first time in my life to kindergarten and together with parents devises ways to help him with this deal. The thought that others are in a similar situation can help a child overcome their fears.

  • Time of visit.
  • Proper determination of the moment pick up the child.
  • Keeping the words of a child.

Initially, the length of stay in the nursery should be short and lengthen the stponiowo. From the beginning, we can accompany the child to feel safe in a new place. Let us remember that understanding the time for small children very limited. Therefore, the moment of receipt of the letter from the nursery should be determined by specific events for example. You can say: “Will you play now is, then there will be dinner, and after dinner you pick.” Separation from a parent causes a very strong fear, the child may seem that my mother never when there’s not coming back, so you should always try to be agreed earlier time. But we must also realize that the fear of separation is a response to developmentally normal and will pass with the purchase of the belief that parents always collect child.

  • Our own peace of mind.
  • Consistency in action.
  • Choosing the right drain person.

Sometimes leave a crying baby in the nursery becomes very difficult for parents experience. However, it is extremely important not to reveal our anxieties during breakups with Shorty, because the mood of parents very easily given to children. Consistency is also important in sending comfort to kindergarten, because initially it can try different ways to avoid going to kindergarten. However, do not undergo this sugestion. If parting with your child becomes a mother very difficult issue, perhaps his father more firmly cope with this task. It is important to know that we’re not doing the child any harm, we leave them in the care of qualified staff, and his anxiety is temporary.
Often it happens that a parent must be internally prepared to part with a child.
If the parents will have confidence that their decision is correct, and some nursery place appropriate and beneficial for child development, adaptation process goes much faster and less painfully.

  • Acceptance of difficult feelings.
  • Patience.
  • Finding solutions.

Parents should be patient and prepare that child can really cry, to feel lost, show a clear reluctance to change, which is experiencing. You may experience trouble sleeping or minor ailments. The child has the right to experience fear, longing and sorrow, and they are his natrualną Reactivity. Try to accept these feelings and provide increased child support. Not force the infant to be satisfied and happy. My name his feelings, but look for them mitigate example. By reading fairy tales therapy. You can also let brzdącowi take to nursery favorite toy or blanket – by associating with the house will increase the sense of security.

Let us remember that our best ally in this case is the time.