The program for two year olds is a development program for younger children.

At this stage, the child begins to experiment and come into close contact with other children and the environment.

More routine activities will be entered into the daily schedule.

The child begins to understand how to use certain items, and how using a simple reasoning to explain the events of everyday life.

Teachers are beginning to ask questions about the stories you’ve heard, help children gain a richer vocabulary by helping to lay answers to questions.

The child begins to discover the number.

Teachers allow malcom learn about different materials, help organize objects according to their color and build thinking processes.

“World and I”
The child learns to recognize and verbally express your desires and needs, independently perform certain actions, begins to share with other children.

Carers so plan to take in order to further stimulate the development of self-reliance.

Physical fitness
Using different materials in the classroom, the child will learn to create a work of stacking small items.

Educator will practice with malcami with the ball and develop motor skills.

The child will have frequent contact with the music, you will be taught to recognize the soft and loud sounds, singing familiar songs and move to the music.

The child will discover the colors and shapes of both the works of art made from an adult, as well as those made by yourself.

Your baby will begin to draw pictures related to read or narrated story.